Handwoven Bamboo Fiber Scarves

Using a multi-harness loom and traditional weaving techniques, Pamela Whitlock creates luxurious scarves that are both functional and elegant. Sculptural in pattern, each is handwoven of bamboo fiber and is unbelievably soft to the touch with vibrant contrasting colors to compliment your sport jacket or overcoat.

100% Cotton Throw

Every day of the year should be a patriotic one. Available in red or blue, these double knitted cotton throws reverse from white stars on a blue or red background on one side to red or blue stars on a white background on the other.

Pendleton® Camp Blanket

After a century of blanket making from dyeing to spinning to weaving - Pendleton, a family-owned business for over 140 years, knows which fibers are the softest, the warmest and the lightest. Pendleton blankets continue to be highly valued by those who appreciate classic American products.

Faux Leather Throws

These cozy, Faux Leather print throws have a soft faux shearling backside, creating a wrap that will have you curling up on the sofa even when you don't need a nap.

Civil War Artillery Blanket

Civil War blankets were made by Woolrich® and supplied to the troops from 1861 to 1865. Those were the blankets that the soldiers relied upon for warmth as they fought through long cold winters. Woolrich is currently manufacturing authentically reproduced versions of those blankets in the same colors and patterns as the originals.

Hudson's Bay Capote Throw

The Hudsonís Bay Company has sold point marked blankets from their founding in 1670. These throws are the same material and construction found in those blankets, just reduced in size.

Civil War Cavalry Throw

From 1861 to 1865, the Army troops of the Civil War kept warm under Woolrich wool blankets. These were the blankets that the soldiers relied upon in the fields.