African Wildlife Coasters

The photographs for these tile coasters were taken while on safari by wildlife photographer Charles Bear.

Soaring Eagle Coaster Set

The mountain peaks, soaring bald eagle and stars & stripes will evoke a certain amount of pride. Handcrafted in America's oldest and largest forge, the bottom of each piece is hand-hammered.

Chip and Dip Set

Take me out to the ball game! Or stay at home, enjoy it on the TV and have a party with your friends.

Stars and Stripes Tray

Introduce it at your Independence Day celebration (July 4th) then enjoy using it throughout the year for years to come.

Hand Crafted Copper Scoop

Gathering inspiration from old silver pieces and sculptural forms found in nature, the craftsman fashions each one-of-a-kind copper ice scoop as he would fashion a work of art.

Ceramic Heritage Trays

The decoration designs for these porcelain trays are based on blankets found in Pendleton's archives and include the Evening Star (small,) Iroquois Turtle (medium), and Gatekeeper (large). Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Zippo® Multi-Purpose Lighter

This Zippo® multi-purpose lighter is ideal for lighting bonfires, bar-b-que grills, fireplaces, lanterns or candles. Elegant enough to keep on your desk or fireplace mantel.

Barrel Stave Wine Rack

Place it on the floor or on your kitchen island and keep your wine collection handy for easy selection.

10 inch Saffron Brown Onyx Bowl

Vibrant hues of rust, burgundy, and multiple shades of brown fill this hand turned 10" bowl of saffron brown onyx. Perfect for displaying fruit or art objects, but equally beautiful as a stand alone piece.

A.G. Russell™ Gray Corian® Handle Kitchen Knives

Gray as a color in the kitchen is very current and is used not only for wall colors, but is also being widely used in small appliances and other kitchen items. Corian® handles are a wonderful alternative to the standard black plastic or natural wood handles found on most kitchen knives, and the gray makes them very up to date.

Japanese Mandoline Slicer

This small, portable vegetable slicer comes highly recommended by a friend of ours who is a well known chef. He says it is the most used tool in his home kitchen. After using one myself, I can see why.

Wine Barrel Dough Bowls

What a wonderful way to re-use the beautiful wood in the wine barrel staves once the wine has been bottled. Handcrafted from French Oak wine barrel staves, these dough bowls make wonderful serving trays or use them to display fruits and vegetables or decorative items on the kitchen counter.

Wine Barrel Square Tray

This solid, rustic serving tray is constructed from aged French Oak wine barrel staves. Using barrel bung holes as handles means the sides of the tray are from four different barrels which allows for individual coloring from the wine.

Sea Stone Bottle Stoppers

Gathered by hand from the New England shoreline, each shaped-by-the-ocean stone has a stainless steel shaft and durable rubber plug that forms an airtight seal to keep your wines fresh.

Nickel Silver Matchbox Cover

This rustic match box cover was designed in the U.S. and is handmade from nickel silver by one family in the Central Highlands region of Mexico.

Gourmet Coffee Jar

This glass jar with solid pewter embellishments,is a beautiful way to keep your coffee beans or ground coffee handy and makes a nice additon to your kitchen counter.

Lodge® Cast Iron Skillet, Glass Cover & Cookbook

After 116 years, Lodge® remains an American family owned, family operated business. They produce, in the United States, the most extensive selection of quality cast iron goods on the market today.

Lazy Spoon & Spatula

The lazy part doesn't really apply to the tool, but rather to the cook. The notch in the handle is designed to hold the spoon on the edge of your pot, keeping the drips in the pot instead of all over the cook top or counter, allowing you to be lazy.

Authentic Italian Cheese Grater

The original was crafted by the manufacturer's grandfather, who immigrated to America in the early 1900s, bringing with him a love for traditional Italian dishes. Without common Italian kitchen tools, Enrico Ratti created by hand his own hard cheese grater for the cheeses used in those Italian dishes he loved so much.

Wine Bottle Stopper & Corkscrew

Goldie is always searching for items our customers will find interesting and that are not widely available. She came across this wine bottle stopper with corkscrew on a vendor table at the A. G. Russell™ Knife Event in July.

Fossil Stone Bowl

Solid and polished to perfection, this bowl is as beautiful as it is practical. It is hand turned by gifted artisans from a solid piece of fossil stone - a type of limestone, which displays impressions of marine fossils that were embedded in the earth's crust millions of years ago.

KAI® Pure Komachi 2 Multi-Utility Knife

Blue handle and blade. The 5-7/8" partially serrated blade is curved and is designed to handle just about any cutting task in the kitchen. Measures 10-1/2" and weighs 2.2 oz.

KAI® Pure Komachi 2 Sandwich/Bagel Knife

Light purple handle and blade. The 5-3/4" blade has wide, scalloped serrations designed to cut sandwiches without ripping and tearing the bread to handle just about any cutting task in the kitchen.

KAI® Pure Komachi 2 Large Asian Chefs Knife

Pomegranate pink handle and blade. The 8-1/8" blade is designed to handle everything from large-scale chopping tasks to slicing and dicing.

KAI® Pure Komachi 2 Chefs/Slicing Knife

Dark purple handle and blade. The 9-1/8" blade is designed to slicing roasts, carving turkey or chicken and slicing larger veggies and fruits.

Kai® Pure Komachi 2

Razor sharp, functional and colorful, these knives are bound to be a conversation piece in your kitchen.

Kai® Pure Komachi 2

Features an 8" push/pull fully serrated blade designed specifically to slice bread. Orange. Measures 12-3/4" and weighs 2.7 oz. Suggested retail is $25.00.

Blade Safe

Now why didn't I think of that? Protects you and your kitchen knives for safe storage in your kitchen drawer or in the picnic basket. Locks securely in place to avoid accidental removal.

Aztec Gold Handled Steak Knives

This set of four elegant steak knives was created exclusively for A. G. Russell™ and Russell's for Men™. With Aztec Gold handle scales and nickel silver bolsters, these knives will complement your best silver or your everyday dinnerware.

Solid Wood Knife Block

As a better match for the Cocobolo handles of our kitchen knives, we have constructed our wood knife block from poplar wood and added a black paint.

Shun Gentleman's Personal Steak Knife

The idea of cutting a fine steak with the knife provided by most restaurants, even very classy ones, is nearly enough to keep me from ordering a steak. A perfect solution to this problem is the Shun Gentleman's Personal Knife.

Cooking Tweezers

This is a knife for food preparation. It is designed to be a personal knife for those who want the finest possible tool for slicing, dicing and otherwise preparing vegetables and meats. Also shown are all purpose tweezers.

Combination Chef's Knife and Scissors

A convenient combination for your picnic basket, RV or kitchen drawer. Two Japanese manufacturers, one a maker of fine kitchen knives and one a maker of top quality scissors, have worked together to develop a tool that includes both.

Steak Knives

These handsome steak knives with blades of 440 high-carbon stainless tool steel have been handled with Picasso Marble from Utah. The quality is outstanding, the appeal superb.