Copper Mugs

Keep a couple handy for your favorite summer drink. This modern version of an old classic is handcrafted with copper over an easy to clean stainless steel body.

African Wildlife Coasters

The photographs for these tile coasters were taken while on safari by wildlife photographer Charles Bear.

Soaring Eagle Coaster Set

The mountain peaks, soaring bald eagle and stars & stripes will evoke a certain amount of pride. Handcrafted in America's oldest and largest forge, the bottom of each piece is hand-hammered.

Stars and Stripes Tray

Introduce it at your Independence Day celebration (July 4th) then enjoy using it throughout the year for years to come.

Chip and Dip Set

Take me out to the ball game! Or stay at home, enjoy it on the TV and have a party with your friends.

Hand Crafted Copper Scoop

Gathering inspiration from old silver pieces and sculptural forms found in nature, the craftsman fashions each one-of-a-kind copper ice scoop as he would fashion a work of art.

Squirrel Nut Bowl

Add this hand-finished mango wood nut bowl with pewter squirrel and scoop to your sideboard or buffet table this holiday season for a bit of fun.

Ceramic Heritage Trays

The decoration designs for these porcelain trays are based on blankets found in Pendleton's archives and include the Evening Star (small,) Iroquois Turtle (medium), and Gatekeeper (large). Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Zippo® Multi-Purpose Lighter

This Zippo® multi-purpose lighter is ideal for lighting bonfires, bar-b-que grills, fireplaces, lanterns or candles. Elegant enough to keep on your desk or fireplace mantel.

Barrel Stave Wine Rack

Place it on the floor or on your kitchen island and keep your wine collection handy for easy selection.

10 inch Saffron Brown Onyx Bowl

Vibrant hues of rust, burgundy, and multiple shades of brown fill this hand turned 10" bowl of saffron brown onyx. Perfect for displaying fruit or art objects, but equally beautiful as a stand alone piece.

Handmade Granite Cordial Chillers

When a cordial is called for at the end of a great meal, or in celebration of an important event, serve it up in this sophisticated reclaimed granite chiller tray.

Japanese Mandoline Slicer

This small, portable vegetable slicer comes highly recommended by a friend of ours who is a well known chef. He says it is the most used tool in his home kitchen. After using one myself, I can see why.

Wine Barrel Dough Bowls

What a wonderful way to re-use the beautiful wood in the wine barrel staves once the wine has been bottled. Handcrafted from French Oak wine barrel staves, these dough bowls make wonderful serving trays or use them to display fruits and vegetables or decorative items on the kitchen counter.

Wine Barrel Square Tray

This solid, rustic serving tray is constructed from aged French Oak wine barrel staves. Using barrel bung holes as handles means the sides of the tray are from four different barrels which allows for individual coloring from the wine.

Snowman Stoneware Cookie Jar

Not the cutesy little too-white snowman you usually find this time of the year - this fellow has character. With lumps of coal for eyes, mouth and buttons, twigs for arms, a carrot nose and sporting a scarf and hat, these individually handmade snowmen are works of art.

Handcrafted Stoneware Pottery

These unique handcrafted pieces will add an element of warmth and whimsy to your kitchen. The main form is created on a potter's wheel from red stoneware clay and the sculptural elements are added before the piece is glazed and fired to about 2100° F.

Hand-Forged Cooking Utensils

These finely crafted and unique kitchen utensils are forged by hand in a one man shop in rural Alabama. Each begins as a single piece of steel which is heated to glowing hot and hammered into the desired shape.

Nickel Silver Matchbox Cover

This rustic match box cover was designed in the U.S. and is handmade from nickel silver by one family in the Central Highlands region of Mexico.

Gourmet Coffee Jar

This glass jar with solid pewter embellishments,is a beautiful way to keep your coffee beans or ground coffee handy and makes a nice additon to your kitchen counter.

Picnic Knife and Fork

This elegant picnic set with beautiful olive wood handles is made for us in Maniago, Italy using wood from olive trees that are removed when one dies or groves have to be revived.

Razorback Travel Mug

Show off your Hog Pride anywhere you go. This stainless steel mug is decorated with a handcrafted pewter Arkansas Razorback logo.

Razorback Mugs

Show off your Hog Pride at home or work. Both mugs are decorated with a handcrafted pewter Arkansas Razorback logo.

Jalapeno Griller

Let your imagination run wild and create your own stuffed jalapeno pepper recipes or try one of the eight included with each griller.

Patriotic Grilling Spatula

For the griller who has everything, how about showing your patriotism with a star spangled flag spatula. The blade represents the American flag, It is made in the USA of American materials including the American Walnut handle.

Pepper Corer

Perfect for coring and seeding. Simply cut, insert and twist to remove seeds and cores.

Wild Hog Jalapeno Griller

Let your imagination run wild and create your own stuffed jalapeno pepper recipes or try one of the eight included with each griller.

Bamboo Salad Bowl & Servers

Reflecting the true beauty of what nature has to offer, this unique handcrafted salad bowl is created from sustainable material and offered with an attractive jungle green exterior.

Chopping Board with Drawer

This handy little cutting board is perfect for chopping and collecting the chopped food or unwanted food waste.

Pop-Out Bakeware

Nothing is more frustrating than when you bake a cake or muffin and it won't come out of the pan.


This handy dandy item is well, just that, handy and dandy.

Folding Cookbook Stand

How clever is this? A cookbook stand that folds up and can be stored with your regular cookbooks when not in use.

Natural Stone Coasters

Perfect for any room in the house, these coasters are stylish and functional.

Nesting Measuring Cups

Probably one of the most used items in the kitchen is the measuring cup and you never seem to have enough of them.

Hand-Forged Cooking Utensils

This unique 5-piece hand-forged kitchen utensil set is sure to be a conversation starter in your kitchen.

Ceramic Mill

An advanced ceramic grinding mechanism, close in hardness to diamond, provides consistent, durable performance and will never rust. Perfect for grinding peppercorns, sea salt, spices or seeds.

Green Turquoise Cheese Plane

Make fine slicing of cheese super easy with this exquisite hard cheese plane. Beautifully decorated handle of black jet with inlaid green turquoise on one side and the reverse side has stabilized wood that has been dyed black.

Ceramic Graters

With rows of long-lasting sharp teeth, you can easily grate garlic, radish, parmesan cheese, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, lemon zest and much more with relative ease.

Lodge® Cast Iron Skillet, Glass Cover & Cookbook

After 116 years, Lodge® remains an American family owned, family operated business. They produce, in the United States, the most extensive selection of quality cast iron goods on the market today.

Lazy Spoon & Spatula

The lazy part doesn't really apply to the tool, but rather to the cook. The notch in the handle is designed to hold the spoon on the edge of your pot, keeping the drips in the pot instead of all over the cook top or counter, allowing you to be lazy.

Cherry Wood Pot Strainers

A pot strainer is a quick and easy way to drain all or a little liquid from a pot of boiling vegetables or pasta. One of these two sizes will fit most commonly used pans. Set over the edge of the pan and tip to drain.

Handcrafted Cherry Wood Bread Tray

This handcrafted cherry wood bread tray is a beautiful way to present that freshly baked loaf of bread (or store-bought if you choose) on your dining or buffet table.

Cherry Wood Cheese Board

Handcrafted of wild cherry wood to resemble a wedge of Swiss cheese, with flame-blackened edges that contrast with the natural color of the wood.

Authentic Italian Cheese Grater

The original was crafted by the manufacturer's grandfather, who immigrated to America in the early 1900s, bringing with him a love for traditional Italian dishes. Without common Italian kitchen tools, Enrico Ratti created by hand his own hard cheese grater for the cheeses used in those Italian dishes he loved so much.

Fossil Stone Bowl

Solid and polished to perfection, this bowl is as beautiful as it is practical. It is hand turned by gifted artisans from a solid piece of fossil stone - a type of limestone, which displays impressions of marine fossils that were embedded in the earth's crust millions of years ago.

Schooner Coaster Set

The laser scrimshawed depictions of four majestic sea vessels will be a hit with the sailor at heart and the cork backed polymer coasters will protect your desk or chair side table surfaces from watermarks and scratches.

Champagne Saber

Sabrage is the technique for opening a champagne bottle with a saber. This technique became popular in France after the French Revolution.

Blade Safe

Now why didn't I think of that? Protects you and your kitchen knives for safe storage in your kitchen drawer or in the picnic basket. Locks securely in place to avoid accidental removal.

Solid Wood Knife Block

As a better match for the Cocobolo handles of our kitchen knives, we have constructed our wood knife block from poplar wood and added a black paint.

Frying Pan (Skillet)

This Frying Wok was intended to go with the Cobb Portable Cooking System. It can be used on a conventional stove.

Cooking Tweezers

These cooking tweezers are great for turning things on the BBQ: shrimp, hotdogs, jalapeņos, or any other meat or vegetable you have on the grill.

A.G. Russell™ Knife Block and Cutting Board

This block is hollow which means there is no way for debris and bacteria to accumulate inside the knife block and come in contact with knife blades.

Combination Chef's Knife and Scissors

A convenient combination for your picnic basket, RV or kitchen drawer. Two Japanese manufacturers, one a maker of fine kitchen knives and one a maker of top quality scissors, have worked together to develop a tool that includes both.

Henckels® 9 Piece Gourmet Steak Knife Set

This Steak Knife set with block is a great gift for the meat lover on your list. Use them when you serve roasts, steaks or meats that require a little more sharpness than a butter knife.

A.G. Russell™ Knife Sets and Knife Block Sets

I really liked the kitchen knives that Erika Dahmann made for us in Solingen from the 1970s until she sold the company in the mid-1990s. Our Italian partner is capable of that same quality. Those German knives were bought by a great many of the top handmade knifemakers for use in their own kitchens.

Henckels® Four Star Series

These Henckels knives, part of the Pro S series, are ideal for mincing and chopping small vegetables and fruit. Comes in handy for peeling, paring and coring.

Henckels® 6" Meat Cleaver

This 6" professional-grade cleaver is an exceptionally strong, fine tool for chopping through bones and joints in meat. Or, with an eye of versatility, turn it on its side, and crush peppercorns or cloves of garlic.

A. G. Russell™ Forged Italian Made Kitchen Knives

I really liked the kitchen knives that Erika Dahmann made for us in Solingen from the 1970s until she sold the company in the mid-1990s. Our Italian partner is capable of that same quality. Those German knives were bought by a great many of the top handmade knifemakers for use in their own kitchens.

Henckels Two Piece Mincing Set

This set of a cutting board with a dished center and a double bladed mincing knife will do a great job on garlic, onions, fresh herbs or nearly any food item you want to mince.