Leatherman® Pocket Tools for Gun & Bow Owners

With the Leatherman Pump or Rail tools you can have the tool you need to hone or care for your shotgun within easy access. The Pump is designed for use with shotguns while the Rail is designed for AR-maintenance.

FlexCut® Whittlin' JACK™

This folding knife was designed for the guy who wants to sit down and whittle wherever he might be. It features a detail blade for removing wood from convex surfaces and a roughing blade for modeling and creating textures.

Leatherman® Style PS

Leatherman's Style key ring multi-tool is now airline travel friendly.

Gerber® Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

The Ultimate Survival Kit is designed to help you endure in the toughest environments.

Leatherman® Style™ CS Keyring Tool

The basic idea was to offer a really lightweight pocket tool while still providing the most needed features and one-hand opening and closing. The new Style™ CS takes that idea to the extreme. It features 8 essential tools:

Swiss Army Rescue Tool

Swiss Army knives are carried on belts, in purses and in pockets all over the world. It is probably one of the most recognized brands known today. For the Swiss Army Rescue Tool, Victorinox worked in close collaboration with rescue and safety services to design the best possible rescue tool.

CRKT® L'il Guppie™

While the CRKT® L'il Guppie™ is much smaller than the full-size Guppie, it is a surprisingly useful tool.

CRKT® The Guppie™

The Guppie's™ adjustable wrench jaw opens to 1/2", making it a handy tool for light assembly and repair, and a very useful emergency tool in the home, office, or outdoors.

CRKT® Zilla™Tool

Designed with comfort as well as functionality in mind, the Zilla™Tool is a departure from the typical multi-tool pliers. It has an ergonomic design, with rounded edges throughout, no sharp edges to hurt the hand.

The Carving Jackknife

This pocketknife was designed for the woodcarver who wants to work anywhere, and not always have to carry his tool roll, mallet and other tools. There are six blades designed for the carver, a detail knife, a straight gouge, hook knife, V-scorp, gouge scorp, and a chisel. All of the blades are razor sharp and all blades lock in the open position.

Kershaw® T-Tool

What a handy little tool for those of us who carry one of the many knives being produced today using Torx fasteners. This website is full of knives with Torx fasteners to attach handle scales to the knife frame or to hold pocket clips that are removable or reversible.

9 Piece Woodcarvers Set

For years we have watched for woodcarving sets and had not seen one that we felt was worthy of our customer's attention. Now we have found, from one of our top Japanese knifemakers, a set of carving tools with exotic wood handles and fine carbon steel blades in a stitched canvas tool wrap.

Leatherman® Charge® TTi

Each year the designers at Leatherman come up with yet another bigger and better multi-tool. One of the latest additions to their line is the Charge TTi. The Titanium handle houses a large bit driver, bottle/can opener, wood/metal & diamond-coated file, large screw driver, small bit driver, scissors, serrated knife blade/cutting hook and clip point blade.