Gerstner Hideaway Bookends

These bookends provide an ideal place to store your handgun in plain sight, without anyone knowing it is there. The unique design allows quick access to your pistol or other valuable items - simply slide the face up then pivot it toward you to reveal the concealment area.

Gerstner® International Tool Chests

The Gerstner International tool chests are classic American style chests constructed entirely in solid wood. These are great chests for toolmakers to store their precision tools, but also suitable for all kinds of home use.

Gerstner International Large Hobbyist Chest

The best way to protect your collection or hobby tools is to store them in divided drawers in a solid wooden chest. Gerstner International’s new 20" wide Hobbyist Chest is perfect for that purpose. Year after year your collection is protected, thanks to tongue-and-groove joinery that provides strength and durability.

Texas Rangers Memento Box

Texas Rangers are the second oldest state level law enforcement agency in the United States. Getting their start in 1823, only two years after white settlement in Texas formally began, these experienced frontiersmen were hired to protect settlers from Indian attacks and other criminal activities.

Gerstner® Oak 7 Drawer Kit

Have you looked at these beautiful chests in our catalog and thought to yourself, I could do that? Well, now is your chance. This DIY kit contains machined oak wood parts for the chest and drawers, lock, knobs, corners and their associated screws, 6 pieces of felt for the drawers and inside front lid and detailed instructions on how to glue and assemble the chest.

Buffalo Bill & Indians 1886

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show captivated audiences from 1883-1913 and helped to create the myth of the American West. Reenacting historical events was a large part of the show and included the Lewis and Clark Expedition, The Battle of the Little Bighorn and many other battles from the Plains Wars, along with displays of marksmanship and skill with rope and horse by the talents of Annie Oakley, Wild Bill Hickok, Bronco Bill and Will Rogers.

Treasure Box

The perfect chest to store love notes, ticket stubs, cards, jewelry and all your precious mementos.

Gerstner® International SOLUTIONS Chest™

Gerstner International's new Solutions Chest is large enough to organize your knife collection, special tools, jewelry, small collectibles, handguns and accessories, vintage pocket watch collection, or any other personal valuables or keepsakes that are dear to you.

Three Drawer Chest with Marquetry Elk

This is a one-of-a-kind chest. The image of a bugling bull elk on the lid is created using a process known as marquetry, a technique where individually cut pieces of thin wood are fitted together to create a design or picture.

Gerstner International Mini-Chest with Carrying Handle

Perfect for holding small knives or tools, hobby items, or your gold and silver purchases, yet roomy enough to be a child's first collectible chest. Easily organize items in your home, office or workshop. Great ideas do come in small packages.

Gerstner® International Hobby Chest

Uses for Gerstner® International's new Hobby Chest are limited only by your hobbies. Makes an excellent storage box for your oil paints and brushes, a small pocketknife or vintage pocket watch collection, or that political campaign button collection.

Winchester Ammo Box

Texas Rangers Company D, Frontier Battalion Individually crafted of pine, each lockable ammo box is hand sanded, hand distressed, sealed, shaded and lacquered to enhance heirloom appearance. Full sized, with a hinged top, lockable clasp and ample storage for your ammunition or other cherished items, it is a unique piece of memorabilia that looks great in any room of your house.

Gerstner® International Shooter's Companion Chest

This case was designed to transport your gun cleaning equipment and supplies, and to support your rifle or shotgun while it is being cleaned. The two forks are adjustable to hold most guns. They fit securely on the center partition of the case when in use and fit inside for storage.

Hinged Lid Exotic Wood Box

The lid of this beautiful box is decorated using fourteen different sustainable hardwoods with appropriate natural colors to create a "picture" of a southern Arizona sunset.

Antique Slat Trunk Shadow Chest

Remember the trunk that your grandmother kept of your father's, or Uncle Henry's military uniform and medals, and all those cherished letters. This traditional oak slat trunk will hold and protect those same cherished keepsakes, or new ones from the men and women currently fighting to protect this country.

Gerstner® Collector's Chest & Base Sets

Gerstner has created two bases for the Collector's Chest that can be added one at a time to the chest you already own, or you can buy the entire set of three pieces including the original Collector's Chest as it was designed by A. G. Russell.

Gerstner® Collector's Chests

While these chests are built to hold the delicate measuring instruments of the toolmakers trade, they have always been used to hold tools for wood carvers, wood burners, leather carvers, model makers, draftsmen, fly tiers and the home tinker. They are extremely well suited for collections of pocket and hunting knives, pens, or watches, as well as many other items men collect.

3 Drawer Base for Gerstner® Collector's Chest

Gerstner has created two bases for the Collector's Chest that can be added one at a time to the chest you already own, or you can buy the entire set of three pieces including the original Collector's Chest as it was designed by A. G. Russell.