Old West Badges

Perfect for Old West history buffs or reenactment participants, these are authentic reproductions of badges worn by some of the most well-known and respected lawmen in the history of America.

Revolutionary War Naval Cannon

In vast contrast to the British Royal Navy, the American colonists had no navy at all. During the course of the war, American privateers seized hundreds of British vessels, including war ships that were undoubtedly equipped with 12# cannons along several gun decks.

Hornet Racer

Cast of Aircraft Aluminum, the Hornet is a reproduction of the Cox Thimble Drome Tether Cars of the late 1940's. Those early model cars are highly collectible today.

Child's Pull Sled

Made of exterior-varnished ash and red stained maple, this sled is ideally suited to be a pull sled for a small child.

HO Scale Santa Fe Train

In Germany in 1947, our family followed my father who was serving in the United States Army, I was 13. For Christmas, my brother, sister and I got the most complete electric train I had ever seen. It had all the cars the tiny engine could pull and lots of track. It was wonderful! Only my first set of snow skis could pull me away from it. I do not know if this set will be as much pleasure for you and your kids (or grandkids), but I sure hope so!

American Bison Football

My football career was very short lived, but I always enjoyed throwing the ball around at family gatherings.

Handcrafted Bent Maple Toboggan

Not your typical hardware store toy! This beautiful, hardwood toboggan was designed after an antique model that graced the pages of a popular mail order catalog of the '20s.